Enhancing productivity while working online

Adisa Joshua Oyelakin
3 min readFeb 23, 2022

Problem- 80 percent of people working online get stressed mentally after working for some hours while they still have a lot of projects to complete. They hit creative block fast also.


Why not make the work journey easier for you. So your work can be more productive, enjoyable, and effective with TEAMA

TeamA is a web extension for you that contains content to help reduce the mental fatigue you go through and helps you enjoy the work process

It contains content that is helpful to ease your stress while working while still helping your productivity and creativity. Content ranges from short intriguing blog posts, short videos, memes, inspirations.

All this is targeted content based on your interest in work and likes.TeamA presents you with these options to relax your mind and remind you to get back to work.

MR X is a designer who is working on a project which will take averagly like 5 hours to work on daily. On the first day, MR A works after 2 hours get tired, and go to chat on WhatsApp. MR A is no longer in a working mood and leaves his work, comes back later and doesn't like the work he is doing at all, starts again that that works him out without reaching his daily goal.

MR X is emotionally drained at the end of the journey.

Mr. Y is also a designer who has a project to work on for 5hrs daily too, gets on his system and starts working after 2hous gets metally tired and stuck too, want to take a total break but got notified by TEAM A as he already put in the settings that TEAM should always notify him after 2hous of him working on his PC. MR Y receives a notification of a video of how Jackie chan made it to be the first Chinese to collect an Oscar award. MR Y reads the post and was intrigued, he goes further to see a meme about designers.

MR Y spends about 23 mins on the site and the algorithm of TeamA kicks in to remind him that he was probably working on a project with a quote about focus and productivity. after some time MR Y cant click on any other post on the site in the web extension. MR Y mind is better refreshed and he is still in the work mood. MR Y goes back to his design project and he continues his project energized and more mentally active and not drained.

MR Y does his work with less stress and in a good state of mind and effectiveness. At the end of the week, MR Y completes his project, enjoyed the journey also knows more about different topics

TEamA made the journey of him working easy and helped him in productivity.

Team A is about ensuring you are in the right state of mind, helping you to be better creative in your line of work, and also ensuring that your work journey is less stressful and making you a better person at the of the journey.

Who would you rather be MR X or MR Y?

USE TEAMA Today to make your work journey less stressful and be more vast in your line of work