Adisa Joshua Oyelakin
2 min readDec 30, 2021


Dear josh

Let me share alesson i learnt from a game called scrabble with you.

Scrabble is game of 2 -4 players to join letters together to form words on tiles which gives points as each tiles carries individuals points . In scrabble the words matters but where you place the words matter more because some tiles hole have the ability to tripple, double and multiply the score of the Word you formed which is your edge. The game is about knowing the words to play, how to play them and where to play them.

As this is a game of points and getting high scores per turn players are allowed to switch tiles of thier choice to given another tile and in turn they tend to miss a turn for that round while the opponent plays. Now this is the instance of player A and player B. This duo are playing a game Player A and B does not have the right tiles to play a high scoring game as tiles are picked at random but player A keeps dropping his tiles to form words and he keeps getting little marks and he is winning player B because player B had missed turn for like 2 rounds why he is not comfortable with the tiles he has and cant form any meaninful word with what he has. Then the 3rd round comes and player A is on 32points player B is 0points player B plays in his turn during the 3rd round and play all his tiles and earned him 107 point (abingo word) on and on like that player B at times missed rounds switched tiles all for him to play awords that were above 50points in one round and till the end of the game he won at last even when it looked like player A was going to win with his little points.

This is not a typical story but what i want you to learn here is that at times to hit big you have to identify the thing ( tiles) in real instance friends, mindset, habit that will hinder you from hit a set goal and be ready to switch them with the right set to be able to hit that mark.

Going into the new year identify those things that will limit your points and labour to get the right habits,knowledge,friends. In the game tiles after switched new tiles are given by chance but Josh this is real life and you know well in enough that there are no coincidence , you are constantly a role player in the formation of your life you know that your fight is different, you know that you seat is amongst Kings.

Find those tiles(habits, mindset) that you have been using and making small hits & wins and has been limiting your efficiency and effectiveness switch with better habits , learnig you were made for MORE submit to superior learning and Be more !!!

Potatoes will always potate
The universe is always watching
You can be a force !!! Forces cant be ignored

Till i write to you again