Adisa Joshua Oyelakin
2 min readAug 20, 2021

#Dear Josh

Today is a new day, its another day to live life,at everything point in your life gratitude is key. Learn to always be grateful.

Our mind most times likes to ruminate on the bad things or things we couldn't achieve or get to do in our lives. However there are always things to be grateful for in your life identify them think on those things. Even little things as little as the air you breathe.

Do you know what gratitude does to you? It centers you to have positive emotions and appreciate every second that you live and even strengthens

Be grateful for the journey,the process the little things you have done in your life but never get satisfied with where you are or what you have done...

Gratitude is not contentment never because of what you acquired or accomplished get satisfied. Celebrate your small wins but don't

The enemy of your next success is your last success. It is easy to get satisfied with your small wins and sit down there like a king that you have accomplished much.

However you know where you are going ,you know the tables you want to sit and you know the kind of people that sit on those table. Mediocrity is not celebrated at that table. You know that right?

Don't ever get contented with what you have accomplished the moment you notice that change your circle to the midst of those doing more than you that will keep you hungry.

Be grateful always and stay hungry!!!

You can be more!!!

Remember the universe is watching

_Potatoes will always potate_
_Till i write to you again_