Adisa Joshua Oyelakin
2 min readAug 22, 2021

Dear Josh

I was reading through a post about how the Chinese wall was built of which main purpose was for security. It was built for security, yet china was invaded 3 times right through the door and guess what china was betrayed yet by the very Chinese themselves, they were trying to fix their without ,without changing the within..

Which is how some of us seem to do our lives we want to do a lot of on our outside e.g we want to become a billionaire,the student that writes a first class, as good as all these sound most of us have boundaries,habits that have been part of us because of the environment we grew up,the education we had which has caused limiting beliefs such that even if we stumble upon the very results we desire for our very self is what will attack it back.

So at times we need to focus on the identity of who I want to be and begin to try fix that from within e.g who is the kind of person that becomes a billionaire once I figure that kind of person ,the personality trait I have to work on it makes the journey lot more easier , who is the kind of person that writes a first class: someone that is very time conscious,pick an association of first class,do personal study,Once I list these out I begin to walk in that path...because it always will be first within before without.

To achieve repeated results we need to focus on becoming a kind of person. Like my boss Kitan David says "I will rather be the guys that knows what to do in lab to get Nacl(sodiumcloride) one than be the guy that just mixes different combination together until he gets Nacl"

Who would you rather be?

Know the identity of a result you desire. Focus on becoming that person!!!

Potatoes will always potate!!!
Till I write to you again